Welcome to APDA SE, the home of the Southeast area of the American Power Dispatchers Association. Founded in 1992 for the purpose of encouraging and promoting the formulation and attainment of higher professional standards among System Operators (Load Dispatchers, Power Dispatchers, and System Operators), and for the purpose of facilitating the interchange of ideas and information, as well as for the development of a spirit of fellowship, the APDA continues to promote excellence in individual education and professional operation of the North American Bulk Electric System.


Fall 2017 Conference

Memphis, TN

Holiday Inn – Downtown Memphis (Beale Street)
160 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
Memphis, TN
October 2-5, 2017
Holiday Inn Downtown Memphis
Group Rate: $149
Government Rate: $113 
Reservation Deadline: September 2, 2017
Must call hotel to make reservations: 888-300-5491

Our Partners

Tesla Forecasting Solutions

"The TESLA group of companies craft energy industry forecasting solutions wherever the energy industry has forecasting problems."

Bismarck State College National Energy Center of Excellence

"The Bismarck State College National Energy Center of Excellence is a worldwide leader in energy education and training for the energy industry."


"We want to provide our customers with solutions that work, solutions that they can afford to implement and maintain, and solutions which are preparing them for the future of energy management and training.'  Dr. Robin Podmore, IncSys President


"Primate Technologies, Inc. is the authoritative resource for visualization software products in control room environments and improves situational awareness (SA) and operational awareness (OA) for control room operators, dispatchers, support staff, and executive management teams. Users have increased visual communication from dynamic content on desktop computers, display walls and mapboards."

Total Reliability Solutions

TRS's mission is to  provide services that improve grid reliability by enhancing operational tools, processes and training.

Indji Systems, Inc.

Indji Watch is an innovative cloud based monitoring tool that will enable users to increase their level of preparedness and react more proactively to all weather or natural hazards that threaten utility operations.

Livewire Compliance

LiveWire provides compliance managers the tools and knowledge they need to stay compliant with regulatory changes coming from NERC, FERC, and regional entities.

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